A Bit About Me

My name is Jessica Shaw, CEO of Sweat with Jess LLC.
I was inspired and began a fitness journey after the birth of my second daughter, while experiencing a rough phase: depression. I found in order to be there for my family, I had to find myself again, both mentally and physically. 
At the start of  my journey I danced, (my passion) in my living room and pushed myself  to become a certified group fitness instructor to share my gift with others. Now along with being inspiring others with my journey and hosting dance sessions I also offer fitness essentials & accessories! Please follow me on my platforms, explore my page, and shop with me. Whatever journey you're on, keep this affirmation: "I Ain't TIRED!"


What I Do

Bands, Beads, & more!

Check Out my shop for all of your workout essentials! Booty Bands to work the BLT (butt, legs,&thighs) and/or a total body workout. Core sliders to target the core and add on some waist beads to help control that tummy and get empowered. Check out my products, accessories, and deals now!

Why Cardio Dance?

Cardio dance fitness is a great way to find that balance inside and out, mentally and physically! I am here to assure that balance. What are you waiting for? The uniqueness of dance not only can relieve stress, improve self-esteem, it also allows you to express yourself and burn calories all at the same time!


I believe this is an upcoming popular trend in the fitness world today. My sessions will improve your health and have you feeling great, inside and out! Be on the look out for me to do a pop-up session in your city. In the meantime, follow me on via Facebook for zoom sessions and more!


Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


"I went to my first class tonight and it was so much fun! She was great! Loved it!

 -Jessica W. 

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