Surprise Me Strand

Surprise Me Strand

Can't decide what strand you want? This selection will be a surprise. The style can either be available on the site, or an exclusive. This strand will either be a regular set, crystallized, or one if many styles offered.

Shipped from Ghana, West Africa.

CRYSTALIZED ✨ Traditional and authentic, yet fancy and fashionable. The beads can be slipped off the ends of the strings to resize smaller, if needed. The strands are to be tied on for long term wear. Sizes vary from 35"-45 are approximately 1-3 mm in size. How to secure waist beads:

Wrap the strand around your waist to find your desired positioning. Often, this will be above the navel if worn for weight loss and waist control. For fashion this would be above your hips near your panty line. You want the beads to be a comfortable fit. (Securing the strand too tight may also cause the strand to break.) It is easiest to hold the strings in front near your naval for sizing.

Once you have found the desired positioning, bring the 2 ends of the strings together to find your desired fit and slip any extra beads off the ends of the strings.

Secure your waist beads by knotting the string 3-4 times to secure the knot.

Use scissors to cut off the extra strings. You can adjust the beads to move the knot towards your back, if desired.


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